Ski-Orienteering in NAGANO  JAPAN
Jan.28-31 1998

Super-sprint Downhill Laptime
Men Final
Women Final.

Jan.29.1998 Welcome Party & Olympic Cultuer Program
Jan 30-31.1998 Ski-Orienteering Competitions
Jan 31.1998 Farewell Banquet
Jan.30.1998 Olympic Torch Relay in Sugadaira
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Short Distance Sprit Time.

  • Men-1
  • Men-2
  • Women-1
  • Women-2

  • Super-sprint not yet.

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  • Public Short Distance (Jan.30)
  • Public Relay (Jan.31)
  • Public Individual (Jan.31)
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  • Short Distance (Jan.30)
  • Super-sprint Downhill (Jan.31)
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